Ford B Cauffiel Sr, Master Entrepreneur of Ohio, Inventor, Engineer, Business, Education
EDUCATION Libbey High School: 1944 to 1948 University of Detroit (College of Mechanical Engineering): 1948 to 1952
EXPERIENCE - 1944 thru 1965
1944 to 1949 From 14 to 19 years old, with my brother Lowell Cauffiel, designed, built and sold the “Cauffiel Engine”. Later sold the engineering rights to Clinton Machine Corporation, which became the largest small engine company in the United States.
1948 to 1952 University of Detroit, College of Mechanical Engineering
E1 | 1952 to 1954 Staff Production Engineer at Ford Motor Company, Engine & Foundry Division. (Large company, not enough feeling of accomplishment.)
E1 | 1954 to 1955 Sales Engineer at Motch & Merryweather Machine Company, Detroit, Michigan. Sold large machinery and automation to the automotive industry.
E1, B | 1955 Founded Cauffiel Machine Company as an engineering company, later became Cauffiel Machinery Corporation and Cauffiel Industries Corporation.
B | 1957 Purchased management contract for Studebaker-Pontiac dealership.
E1, B | 1962 Purchased 100,000 square foot crane building from National Supply, Toledo, Ohio, to manufacture steel processing machinery and develop industrial manufacturing complex.
E1, B | 1962 Purchased 200,000 square foot crane building (E. W. Bliss Building), Toledo, Ohio, to form Toledo Industrial Center to develop industrial real estate, expand machinery manufacturing facility and further develop manufacturing companies.
E1, B | 1963 Purchased 150,000 square foot railroad locomotive crane building from New York Railroad, known as the Campbell Street Works, Toledo, Ohio, to further expand heavy industry. (Still used for manufacturing heavy-duty, high-tech steel processing machinery and lithium products.)
I, E1 | 1965 Built first and largest steel processing system for St. Louis Ship Company to precision cut steel plate from coil up to 3/4" thick x 84” wide using a cold process for producing barges on the Mississippi River making it possible for St. Louis Ship to sell for $280 million, which revolutionized the steel industry.

Key: I – Inventor | E1 – Engineer | B – Business | E2 - Education
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